Schukin's Theatre and Garden «Hermitage».
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Yakov Schukin
(the exact dates of life not refined yet)
Founder and director of
Theatre & Garden «Hermitage»
on Karetny Ryad.
Russian entrepreneur
and mecenate.

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Historical date:
The 120th anniversary of the official opening Hermitage Garden (18 june 1895)

History of the Theatre and Garden «Hermitage» on Karetny Ryad .
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An article in the theatrical newspaper about director Y.Schukin
«Teatra'nye Izvestiya»(Theater News) 1902.
News and Events. Garden Hermitage today

7 feb 2008 \
Unique building damaged.

On Thursday, January 7, a fire caused by indoor nightclub suffered a unique historic building of Schukin's stage on Karetny Ryad, 3, bld. 7.
Burnt interior space of the building and has been the collapse of the roof.

Accordind to the media:

The interior space of the historic theatre building in which the spring of 2006, a vanity nightclub called "Dyagilev Projekt", burnt down almost completely.
The administrative part of the building do not hit by the fire. It was the threat of fire to neighboring buildings.
Cast of theatre «Ermitage», located in the vicinity of the Schukin's stage,were evacuated themself and watched with dismay the scene.

According to preliminary data from MES staff, the fire occurred on the first floor of the building about 11.20 AM.
However, to the console "01"(firefighting sevice) signal was received only 11.36. Firemen arrived on the scene after three minutes after the call, but the time the building was already covered with fire. At 11.40 fire was awarded a third category of difficulty on a five scale.
In the garden «Hermitage», where the club, arrived the entire leadership of the metropolitan MES, as well as the head of Russia Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoygu.
By extinguishing the fire had been brought additional forces. Fire lasted about 2 hours.
Area of the fire was about 1.500 m
To extinguish the fires went to the scene about 50 crew, specifically in extinguishing the fire there were 25 crew.

From the basement building by rescuers had removed 5 people, two of the victims of carbon monoxide and burns were hospitalized.

Was used fire helicopter MES with a special device to discharge water volume of 5 tons.

By 12.45 the fire was localized. By 13.20 the fire completely eradicated.

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Fire at Hermitage Garden.
7 february 2008 as a result of fire emerged in the night club( which has occupied domestic space of this theatre building since spring 2006) Schukin's stage – historic theatre building was damaged.

Schukin's stage after fire.

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The Schukin's stage building – an integral part of the Hermitage Garden, should be restored.

The building is to identify the object of cultural heritage and are protected by the state.
Load-bearing wall construction of the building are not affected.
It is necessary to restore the roof of the building and and clean up the domestic space of historic theatre building.



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